Mattress Fabrics

The Best of Both Worlds
CT Nassau draws upon design expertise from both American and Italian designers to create inspired woven jacquard patterns in luxurious constructions and vibrant colors to satisfy your customers’ requirements for stylish and functional mattresses in today’s competitive market.  Additionally, CT Nassau supplies circular double-knit and faux knit mattress fabrics in a wide variety of patterns, fiber types, colors, and gram weights with woven mattress border fabrics and mattress tapes to match.

Our Production Facility
CT Nassau’s 46,000 square-foot Burlington, North Carolina mattress fabric facility opened in 1999.  CT Nassau benefits from an emphasis on responsive customer service, quality fabrics, and superior designs.  We are capable of producing more than 80,000 yards of mattress fabrics in a standard 2 shift, five-day work week.



Weaving mattress ticking on jacquard loom
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