• Far Infrared Reflect
  • Anti-UV
  • Thermo-Regulator
  • Washable
  • Long Lasting
  • Soft to the Touch

In the IR radiation bands, only FIR transfers energy purely in the form of heat which can be perceived by the thermoreceptors in human skin as radiant heat.

Our fabric ReStore using these Bio-Ceramic micro-particles imbedded in the yarn itself, can absorb thermal energy from sunlight or the human body and release 4 μm- 14μm far infrared ray and help the body to maintain thermal equilibrium and increase the bracing effect.

Far Infrared Rays or FIR are invisible waves of energy that have the ability to penetrate all layers of the human physical body, penetrating into the inner-most regions of the tissues, muscles and bone.

An ancient technique, Far Infrared Therapy uses these waves, or rays, of energy to slightly elevate the surface temperature of the body. When we slightly induce a very small temperature increase, we can enhance our body’s functioning on multiple levels. Our hands, bodies and the sun emit FIR energy at all times. Far Infrared therapy very gently increases blood flow by expanding the capillaries that carry blood. It also increases oxygenation and regeneration of the blood, deeply detoxifying it for the improved functioning of all of the major organs in the body, which depend on blood for energy

This detoxification is on the deepest level, allowin g hidden toxins in
the blood and tissue to be dissolved or immobilized.

Through the subtle heating, Far Infrared boosts your immune system, increasing the amount of white blood cells and killer T-cells. It is an excellent therapy for promoting healing and reducing muscle

These ceramic particles are permanently inserted into the filaments during the spinning process; this condition allows a very high
resistance even to multiple washing treatments.

Particles are non-toxic and does not contain chemicals; tested for harmful substances according to Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1.

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