CT Nassau is the leading producer of mattress tape in the United States, supplying over 65% of the market. A Glorious Match for Virtually Any Color Palette
No matter what hue you choose, our computerized color matching system delivers continuous true color quality that makes CT Nassau color mattress tape blend beautifully with any mattress fabric.

Specialty Mattress Tapes

Decorative mattress tapes are now much more than a trend, and CT Nassau is leading the way with a full line of knit and woven patterned mattress tapes specially designed to satisfy your individual tastes.

Mattress Tape Production Facility

CT Nassau Mattress Tape has served the mattress industry from its mattress tape production facility in Alamance, North Carolina since 1992. We produce 6 million yards of mattress tape per week, the equivalent of 350,000 mattresses.